Betty Bottle

Brutally honest, blunt, big-boned, big-hearted, self-assured, physically fit and capable.

Enjoys her own physical strength, toyed with the idea of joining the Marines. In the fifties, she dangled a cigarette from her mouth and talked like Bogart in “Casablanca”, but by 2003 had cleaned up her act and became an activist for healthful living. “Got milk?” her favorite question. She, among all the Recyclettes, is the most aware of her own destructive power, having seen first hand the results of shards of glass. Betty likes music, and occasionally tips her bottle mouth into the wind so her body can resonate to the air. She sometimes pals around with up to five friends in a tight-knit group, but is basically a loner. She is very fond of Ken because they share many container-like qualities; should anyone fall out of the boat or need help at sea, Betty is first to the rescue.

Betty’s power: She can turn into sand, go through keyholes, liquefy and melt across floors. A shape-shifter.