Evelyn Envelope

Evelyn is bright-eyed, quick-witted, quick movements. Easily the most intelligent of the Recyclettes, she can answer any question. Sprightly, fluttery, light-hearted – a comic, likes to make others laugh. World-traveled. Well-grounded, could be misplaced in the bottom of a mail bag for weeks and her spirits would never flag. Resilient, won’t come unglued, regardless of rain or shine. Decorative, likes to dress up, from exotic postage stamps to commemorative imprints. Outspoken, some would say ‘mouthy’, but always has a point. As a purveyor of information, has seen the gamut of human emotion, alternately the dreaded or long-hoped-for……‘letter in the mail’. Evelyn regards life as an adventure, whether riding a ferry boat to Bora Bora or a riding a donkey over the Andes, she is at home around the globe.

Evelyn’s power: Speaks many languages high-speed, a linguistics expert, telepathic. World-traveled. Many stamps.