Ken the Can

A yuppie, REI and Eddie Bauer his favorite stores. Plays tennis on weekends. Has a lot of camping equipment, drives a Volvo. A well-intentioned, high-fivin’ guy. Always looking out for others so they won’t get kicked around. A natural leader, respected for his considered approach. He won’t pop his top over small things. Takes his work seriously, recycling his passion. Answering the environmental call of duty gives him supreme satisfaction, and supreme carbonation. Back home they called him ‘the fizz kid’. An excellent dancer, he can dent, shear and shake his pull top loose all night. Has a cousin named Master Rapper C, together they kick around the ‘hood, usually Bellevue; aluminum DNA being stronger than any cultural chasm or fashion fad.

Ken’s power: Magnetic. Also uses his carbonation like a flame-thrower to overpower villains.